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Focusing on your needs and goals!

Graphic that illustrates the 4 corners of financial planning.
Santolin financial business card with contact information.

My​ focus is to provide financial services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. I will do everything I can to exceed your expectations.

My role is to help you plan for the most important milestones in life that we all dream about while protecting you from those unfortunate realities that we don't like to talk about.  

My goal is to ensure that your path is the right one for your current and future situations by providing you with the right mix of insurance protection and risk-appropriate investments.  

Contact me today to schedule an a​ppointment to begin working on your financial plan.

Licensed Insurance Agent in Ontario & British Columbia!

Ontario - #15145138L - Financial Services Regulatory Authority (formerly FSCO)

BC - #LIC-2018-0008678-R01 - Insurance Council of British Columbia

Ontario Securities Commission - #NRD 3294451 - Ontario Securities Commission

The importance of a plan

A solid financial plan will:

  • Protect your family if you become disabled, critically ill, or die during your working years.
  • Give you the peace of mind to pursue your family's dreams.
  • Structure your savings & investments according to your unique risk tolerance.
  • Ensure that you won't outlive your savings as you age.

Let's start working on your plan today. I'll be there with you, step by step, to design, implement, monitor and adjust your plan as necessary.

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