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Follow along with my commentary on financial planning articles written by some of Canada's best business and finance journalists:

While the story focuses more on the issue of discrimination and rights, from a planning perspective this is an important reason why working with an independent advisor is so important. Simply calling an insurance company and getting your call farmed out to one of the company's advisor generally leads to a very simplified sales process. I've had clients denied insurance or had policies offered with more expensive (rated) premiums, but I keep working with them to adjust coverage to fit their budgets or find other insurers. In many cases I approach various insurers to get a "preliminary review" for a client who may have some medical issue which would put an application in question. The main point is that the client needs someone to plan for them and lead them through the process, not simply try to sell them something.

Toronto Star - There's no such thing as too early for life insurance - The title says it all!

A rather well balanced look at the options available to Canadians in the financial planning industry. I like the quote that "Everyone has a conflict of interest in the financial industry. The conflicts are just varying degrees." My advice, find an advisor who has an interest in you. Not all people can afford fee for service planners, not everyone is comfortable with a roo-advisor platform, and many people are unsure about working with commission based advisors. The great thing about the industry is that you as the consumer has choice.

An interesting and informative look at credit score reporting and how it can be misleading information to some consumers. Remember that your ability to borrow is only one element of your overall financial situation.

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